• Ramel Feliz

Staying Healthy during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Times have changed to each and every one of us, whether you’d like to admit to it or not. The business closures, the long lines at the local grocery store, the “social distancing“ to prevent possible exposure. These new changes to our daily routine will likely create a new “norm” for us once the pandemic dies down. One of the only items that will be of most importance is the priority of health and wellness. The combination of eating right & exercise has been, in recent times, either embraced or neglected by us. To get started, here’s a few things you can start TODAY that will build not just your immune system, but will build the bridge that is your well being.

Consistent Morning-Daily Routine

At-home mothers, CEO’s, Retirees and Sports Professionals will agree one thing: keeping a daily routine is important! Something so small as waking up in the morning, brushing your teeth, having your morning cup of coffee, morning shower, and a yoga/exercise session has shown to release endorphins and positive stimulation. Beginning your day with a routine will work wonders! Trust me!


Do you have to lift weights? No. As a matter of fact, most of us are limited since the gyms are closed and we don’t have much access to equipment. On the other hand, this should not be much limitation since we can go out for a mile run, stretch, perform 3 sets of crunches or push ups, or meditate to continue building our mind/body connection. Pick a time everyday, think outside the box, and stick to it!

Eat Breakfast

This is another item that most of us neglect. We either follow a new diet plan created by Dr. Oz (just a joke) or skip breakfast all together, not knowing this is doing more harm than good. Sure, there may be diets or fads that say skip breakfast and eat later in the day (insert the term “intermittent fasting”), on the other hand, eating food in the morning decreases the appetite, improve memory, and gives energy to start the day. Eat a breakfast rich in lean proteins, complex carbohydrates & healthy fats. Have a piece or 2 of fruit as well.

Rest Well

This is yet another item we tend to neglect. The average person only sleeps 5 hours daily. You heard that right! Sure, these stressful times may have changed our schedules, eating and exercise routines, but sleeping is essential since it’s the backbone of our well being, in addition to exercise and nutrition. 6-8 hours a day is ideal to replenish energy stores. Give yourself a time window to rest daily and stick to it.


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