• Ramel Feliz

Flexible Living (Balancing Health & Wellness)

There's many fitness enthusiasts & professionals (like myself) that live Day-to-day with the mindset of "staying on track always" or "eat right and get tight", and by living these rules we're considered "hardcore" and tend to stick with the same eating habits everyday. While this strategy shows commitment based on goal setting, one must consider the reality that you have ONE life to live, and for that reason it's fine to balance flexible dieting and exercise instructions. 

   I sometimes recommend my clients to take one sitting at some point within the week to enjoy their "cheat meal", their only opportunity to indulge a bit on whatever dishes they favor. Sure, other fitness professionals will say otherwise. Many will tell you "you must stick to my program, 24-7-365". As much as I'd tip off my hat to those who lives this aspect of our lifestyle to the fullest, one will learn that sometimes you have to "live a little" to give a slight break to the vigorous activities you do, only to get back to work and feel refreshed and replenished. 

  Studies have shown that a cheat meal from time to time may give the body an essential dose of additional vitamins and minerals that you won't or receive limited doses of when you're on a normal balanced diet. My recommendation is to get an equal balance of your macronutrients in this sitting (proteins, carbohydrates & fats), in addition to a side of vegetables or side salad. 

   Make sure to keep water consumption higher than usual during your cheat meal due to the likelihood of added sodium consumption, since it's ideal to keep water intake high due to the duretic effects of sodium, and you're golden. Also (not recommended unless you're looking to get right back on track the following day) it's a good idea to workout the next day to begin the routine relatively early after the cheat meal. 


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