• Ramel Feliz

Be Stronger Than Your Excuses!

If you were to google "What is Fitness?", you'll come across countless definitions pertaining to the term. Realistically, there's no right or wrong answer. In my opinion, Fitness is a representation of implementing cardiovascular conditioning, strength training, flexibility and a well balanced dietary plan that is beneficial to the individual and their goals. For these reasons, it's imperative to maintain a consistent health and wellness schedule that gives one the opportunity to emphasize these key focuses.

The reason why many take several steps back in one of these categories or "give up" altogether is because many come to the realization that the "yellow brick road" is long and hard. I'll be the first to let the client know "it will not be easy, it takes 90% focus, 10% implementation". One "cheat day" or "a drink" or missing your exercise day will likely set a person back several steps.

Sometimes "life" gets in the way, and that is completely understandable. Yet, it's during these events one must take the ultimate sacrifice to either stay on the right track, or immediately "bounce back" the following day. Going for days (or in many cases, weeks), without incorporating the key categories of fitness will likely fail their goals or exercise programs.

So What can YOU do today to combat the dreaded "excuses"? here's few of many ideas to take into consideration:

1.) NO EXCUSES - if an emergency presents itself (family, late or busy at work, losing track of time), schedule a make up workout the next day, so you may likely stay on track and not lose the day.

2.) MEAL PLANING - take a few hours on the weekend or during the week to meal plan. Cooking a protein source with brown rice/quinoa, side salad, etc. won't take long. make enough to last your main course meals during the week and follow the eating schedule and you'll like conquer the nutrition portion of your program.

3.) STAY ACTIVE ON THE WEEKENDS - pic a day during the weekend and perform any cardio exercise )light run, yard work, extra strength training session) to stay active. 30-45 minutes of light-to-moderate exercise is ideal.

4.) PERFORM 5,000 STEPS PER DAY - This is especially important for those who have office jobs or have a sedentary lifestyle. Use a step counter either on your watch or phone to make sure you're hitting the mark on a daily basis.


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