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Eat Right, Get Tight

EATING RIGHT. It's something that a small percentage of exercise enthusiasts practice daily, while the rest acknowledges it's importance, but come to realize it's not a miracle to drop the pounds overnight. It requires work. A LOT. And that's the reality of this journey that one must take if they want to lower the risk of obesity, diebetes, and many other illnesses associated with weight gain. 

Strategize. Map out your meal strategy around your exercise and work schedule. EAT BREAKFAST. Snack smaller portioned foods every 2-3 hours, and eat a sensible dinner that is rich in lean proteins, complex carbohydrates and vegetables. Every individual's daily caloric needs differ, but for the most part eating around the 1200-2,000 calories a day is ideal (Note: talk to a health & wellness coach About macronutrients & individual requirements). 

Exercise daily. Why do many simply "Give Up", or only stop after a certain amount of pounds are lost? There are many answers to this, but as a health & wellness professional, part of my duty is to educate about the importance of staying active and practice well balanced nutrient options for the long term. Having a better quality of life for the long haul should be motivation enough to stay on track. 

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