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Ground Turkey Garden Rotini Pasta (Recipe)

Ingredient list:

* 1 lb ground Turkey (93% lean preferred)

*1/2 cup Rotini Pasta (wheat or grain preferred)

* 2 cups preferred pasta sauce (read nutritional facts on sodium & sugar content) 


1. Cook Pasta per directions (generally boil 9-11 mins) 

2. drain pasta & let sit for a minute

3. On skillet, cooked and stir ground turkey till fully cooked.

4. Drain water from skillet & place Pasta sauce on skillet with ground Turkey and blend till the mixture comes to a boil 

4. During this process, place the drained pasta on its pan & place cook on low & place HALF of cooked ground turkey and pasta sauce mixture on pasta.

5. Mix ingredients together & turn off low cook pan. 

6. Sit for a few minutes before serving.

**NOTE** refrigerate the other half ground Turkey for an additional dinner serving the next day or later in the week. 

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