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Self Control in your Workouts

Proper form is EVERYTHING. It ensures that the muscles you're looking to target for conditioning are being engaged in the safest, yet effective way possible. Many (if not all of us) are guilty of breaking form from time to time. It's important to know that safely while performing exercise is imperative so the exercise is done correctly, limiting the chances of injury.

  I explain to my clients the importance of proper form, likely at least once every session. You might not see it, but time to time mistakes are made without us knowing it. The best way to approach this problem is by exercising by a mirror to see your posture throughout the session. The rule of thumb is to sometimes "stick your chest out" or "keep your back straight", making sure you never break form. If the weight you're using is causing you to swing excessively or breaking your posture, then it is suggested to lower down the resistance to stay in form. If not, the chances of injuring your back and other areas will increase dramatically. 

Posture correction, aligning feet, head up, elbows in, are just a few of the key words to consider when focused on a corrective training program. Here's a few ideas you can do TODAY to prioritize your form:

1. Work in front of a mirror & look at your movement before and after implementing proper form.

2. Get a workout partner, that way you both can look and correct each other's form during the workout.

3. Ask a personal trainer or a group instructor to watch your form & correct if any breaks in form.

4. Read and watch credible articles, videos & friends on their approach to corrective form and prioritize it to your routine. 

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