• Ramel Feliz

Fasted Cardio: Pros & Cons

    I'm sure by now you all heard the miracles of fasted cardio: you burn more bodyfat on an empty stomach, first thing in the morning. While prioritizing cardio first thing in the morning may yield great benefits, it is important for one to educate themselves on the positives and negatives of this method of training, and it's respect to their current fitness levels, in order to proceed with their engagement. 

   Pros: yes it is true you're likely to more body fat in the morning when training on an empty stomach, instead of later in the day after a few meals. After about 20 minutes after steady or "HIIT" cardiovascular conditioning, the body will begin to utilize the energy sources that is stored in the body's fat stores. It's the "gasoline in the car that is used in order for the vehicle to run efficiently." Many studies out there will tell you early morning workouts are likely to target fat cells 20% more than compared to later in the day, with food in the system. 

Cons: while it may be great to implement this method of training first thing in the morning, It is important to know there's a good chance the body will likely target the amino acids (the building blocks of protein) in your body for fuel as well. In other words, this is not ideal for individuals whos primary goal is to build muscle size/mass and, in many cases, those who are looking to maintain their muscle tone/structure. In addition, this method of training is mainly geared towards the healthy male/female. This IS NOT the choice of exercise if one is a diagnosed diebetic/pre-diebetic. A diebetic' blood sugars is naturally lower first thing in the morning since food hasn't been consumed on an average 6-8 hours. If they implement fasted cardio, this will drop blood sugar even further, causing dizziness/fainting. So make sure you consult with your primary healthcare physician and  given the green light before moving forward. 



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