• Ramel Feliz

Top 5 reasons to hire a fitness professional

    In a time where people are attempting to find the fastest and (in many cases) unsafe ways to lose weight, build muscle, or to improve cognitive behaviors, nothing beats the implementation of an organized exercise and nutrition blueprint to improve one's health & wellness for the long term. Displayed below are the top 5 reasons to hire a personal trainer or other fitness professionals:

1. MOTIVATION: this is the main step I've encountered in the many years I've been in this industry. As a trainer, it is my priority to make sure while training a particular muscle group or area, we specify a certain amount of reps, sets & rest times in between. These different modalities may not be carried out right if the client either trains by themselves or in another settings that can limit this strategy from myself or other trainers. 

2. SAFETY: education is important when it comes your health & wellness, exercise in particular. As coaches, it's our job to make sure the body is engaged in corrective form while continuously being exposed to various training principles. 

3. ACCOUNTABILITY: making sure you're holding "your end of the bargain" is essential to your goal setting & success. As a fitness professional, making sure you, as a client, is engaged in activity & proper nutrition outside of sessions, is important. Staying active on off days (even to a minimum) is crucial for weight loss clients and for maintaining body weight. A good Trainer will assign you this. 

4. OVERALL LIFESTYLE BALANCE: this adds to the previous point. The best trainer will give you proper rest, nutrition & well being advice that you can incorporate outside of your workouts to get the maximum benefit of your experience. 

5. DEAD END: if you're plateuing, have injuries that can limit your progression, or perhaps diebetic, have high blood pressure, or perhaps HIV-positive, it is best to hire a professional to keep up-to-date with your goals and your progresssion. 

- R.Feliz 


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