• Ramel Feliz

The importance of rest days

      We all have that "one" person. The "hardcore workout guy/girl" who workout 7 days a week with minimal rest. As much as one can applaud another for their drive and consistency, it's imperative for one to educate themselves on scheduling their "off days", as well as training days. 

      If you're a beginner (for instance, exercising for 1-2 years) then it's recommnded to exercise 2-3 days out of the week, resting a good 48 time period in-between sessions. This schedule will promote resting muscles trained in the previous workout session, as well as repairing damaged muscle fibers & replishing glycogen (energy) stores through the consumption of carbohydrates and high quality proteins. 

     For an individual who is more experienced, it's fine to train 4-6 days a week, but on the other hand scheduling 1-2 off days is even more IMPORTANT, in addition to keeping a consistent flow of nutrients and H20 consumption. It is also suggested periodically to take 4-7 days off within a 12 week period to promote rest in a more accelerated rate. Many have stated their strength has increased after taking a week off from training. 

   My suggestion is to schedule this "week off" to coincide with vacation time or if away due to work/other engagements. 

-R. Feliz 


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