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Blue Corn Chips. The Healthier Option?

   I'm an advocate for looking at alternative options when it comes to our favorite foods/dishes. We all have a "foodie" inside of us, for if we had the chance to eat foods that we label "bad" everyday, I'm sure everyone will grab the opportunity. 

    That being said, I also believe we should eat according to our goals & our body's needs and wants, not always for taste. Today I'll cover Blue Corn Chips since it's popularity has been on a steady rise as an alternative to regular tortilla Chips. I'll break down the facts & let YOU make that decision and to see if you'll benefit the most from consuming this in your already well-balanced diet. 

  True statement: blue corn tortillas is more nutrient-densed than yellow or white corn. On average, it contains 20% more protein, in addition to having a lower glycemic index (GI), which is already a healthier alternative for those who are dieting and individuals who are diabetic. 

    For those confused with GI, it means the sugar content from a food takes longer to go through the bloodstream, which provides a steadier source of energy, while the alternate yellow corn may cause a spike in your blood sugar when consuming. Something to keep in mind. 

   "Anthocyanins" in blue corn are also components that are found in berries & red wine, which is an antioxidant. WARNING most of these components may be minimalized during the process of making blue corn chips (in the heat), so one might not recieve the full amount of these antioxidants in one serving. This is something else to consider.

    According to a study published in the Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, white corn tortillas contain 75% total starch, while blue corn tortillas contain a lower content, at 68%. This supports the earlier reasoning of a lower GI in blue corn chips, and this is because of its lower percentage in starches.

     To summarize, read the directions on any of these packages of blue corn chips. Make sure A.) sodium content is relatively low compared to the rest on the shelf B.) read the ingredient list make sure there's no additional chemicals or food allergens that'll affect you. C.) when consuming, do so in accordance to the servings and serving amount in each bag, since they may differ. 

Healthy snacking! 

-R. Feliz 

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