• Ramel Feliz

Whole Wheat-Breaded Chicken Sandwich

Ingredient list:

*2 slices of whole wheat or multigrain bread

*4-6oz chicken breast

*1 cup whole wheat pinko bread crumbs (can be purchased at Publix or Whole Foods, if available) 

*1 egg beaten 

*desired amount of spinach & veggies 


1. On one bowl, break an egg & beat it. On a second bowl, pour a cup of the whole wheat bread crumbs.

2. Take the chicken breast & coat both sides of the egg, followed by the bread crumbs.

3. On a skillet (place heat on medium), cook both sides of chicken breast 3-5 mins long until golden crisp on both ends. 

4. in the meantime, if desired, toast 2 slices of bread.

5. After both sides cooked, place chicken breast on top of a slice of bread, while on the other add desired veggies (photo display combo of spinach, tomatoes & onions)

6. You may add mustard or light mayo for additional flavoring.

7. Enjoy! 


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