• Ramel Feliz

Your Success Lies within your Consistency

    #teamnoexcuses, for me, is not just another word that I express on social media: it's a lifestyle. It's what separates those who are able to do whatever it takes to achieve their health & wellness goals, while the next individual simply finds reason(s) or prioritize other interests other than their physical goals. 

     I've summarized it all in one sentence; some people want "IT" more than others. The result of my analysis, I've seen those who meet their goals, while others are either backtracking or, to simply put, they're "running in place". My advice is to revaluate what you're goals are in the first place, and why is it you'd like to reach these goals. It is my opinion that your health should fall in the top 3 categories in your life, alongside your family and career. From time to time these priorities will shift, depending on the week or day. The unfortunate reality is people will come to realize how hard they have to work to lose that pound or gain a certain amount of muscle, with many giving up after they do something as bad as "having a bad week". 

    We've all been there. I have. Regardless of what life's obstacles comes my way, I make sure to prioritize my exercise in a routine basis. It's where my success lies. "Oh, but it's your job Ramel" they say. I say no, for one simple reason; I have goals just like YOU do, the only difference is I prioritize it first thing in the morning, just as you should prioritize it in your life. 

   Sit down, schedule your workout days (whether you're doing it by yourself, trainer, or workout buddy) and stick to it.


*I have to work early = workout in the evening 

*I didn't get much sleep last night = get a little caffeine in your system get your butt in gear

*its so cold outside = it'll warm up later today, I'm sure if you schedule & prioritize it you'll get another workout in the books

*im sick = take a couple days off, & get your butt back to it

   With the exception of emergencies, there's a resolution to easily combat any excuse. How bad do YOU want it?

    Each workout completed is another step in the right direction.  

To you & yours in health & wellness, 

- R.Feliz 


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