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January 31, 2017

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The Importance of Water

May 18, 2018



  You'd be surprised how many of us don't put our primary focus on consuming water daily, if many are consuming at all. Yes, there's a higher percentage of water in the foods we eat, yet in the long run it's not enough. Doing as much as waking up in morning, or walking up a flight of stairs, the body relies on water, and it's the basic ingredient is is essential for all walks of life. 


   Did you know that the human body mainly consists of 60% or more of water? The important reasoning for drinking water is for the simple fact that it is needed for the body's cells, organs, and tissues that assists in regulating body temperature and the aide of eliminating waste and other bodily functions. It's imperative to drink water periodically since we're constantly losing water when we sweat, performing tasks, digesting foods, and other functions such as breathing. 


   In addition to using water as an energy source, it also aides in protecting your organs and other tissues. Most importantly, it regulates body temperature when you're engaged in vigorous activity (such as exercise or playing sports) in general terms, you sweat. H20 also acts as a lubricant to soften and cushion your joints, tendons & ligaments. Your kidneys and liver use water to assist in flushing out waste, in addition to your small and large intestines. 


RECOMMENDATION: There isn't a specific rule when it comes to exactly HOW MUCH water you should consume daily. You'll likely meet your minimum water intake when you meet the body's demands (drinking when your thirsty), but you should be incorporating at least a glass of water during each meal and "sip" periodically throughout the day. 8 glasses (8oz equals a glass) is a basic rule to go by. On the other had, if you're an active individual you should consume much more. 64oz to a full gallon (128oz) in many cases is more than enough water consumption. Also consider this rule; take a look at your urine. If it's clear, you're hydrating properly. If it's yellow or darker than yellow, you are likely dehydrating and should look into adding more glasses of water a day to stay hydrated. 



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