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February 21, 2018

September 1, 2017

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January 31, 2017

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Overcoming Excuses

February 21, 2018




We all go through it each morning, sometimes more than several times a day. Unfortunately for a huge chunk of people, excuses is the #1 setback when reaching health and wellness goals. In the long run, it will create what I call "negative consistency": which is a pattern of absence from the gym, which will in turn reverse the effects of your weight loss or strength gains if originally on a progressive goal achieving pattern. 


   1. Maintain Consistent Exercise Schedule

I say this to my clients all the time: keep the same workout schedule; you'll likely stay on track with minimal setbacks. IF you must rearrange your workout time, do so, and emphasize on maintaining the same regimen a majority of the week.


   2. Don't Skip Workouts:

While easier said than done, many of us have experienced first hand the effects of missing out on scheduled workouts. It will completely "throw off" your day. In other words; missing out on a stress reliever such as exercise will do one of few things: you won't feel well, you likely didn't prioritized your nutrition for that day, and the likely scenario that you've taken a step back in the overall plan to reaching your goal(s).


  3. Keep Eating Right:

This is another set back for many. "Cheat Days" DO NOT COUNT! I tell my clients to focus on one cheat meal, once per week. When you do, keep it at a time-frame of one hour, since stretching beyond will likely result in additional unwanted calories consumed.


  4. Maintain Mental Stability:

Pray, read, meditate, etc. Maintaining your mental health throughout this process is ESSENTIAL to staying on track with your goals. A positive thought process will yield positive results. Stay influenced and surrounded by positive individuals who's goals either parallels or mirrors your own.  





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