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January 31, 2017

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Benefits of Resistance Training

September 26, 2017


    Resistance Training is a style of training you must NOT ignore. Many benefits are associated with pushing against resistance whether its dumbbells, elastic bands, body weight, etc. To incorporate resistance training to your overall health & wellness program is essential for toning, weight loss, and the likelihood of keeping the weight off for good, increasing ones overall quality of life. 



    Improved physical and mental health are the main links associated with resistance training. A good resistance program will target the groups of muscles, tendon and ligament areas of the body. Improved muscular density, ligament and tendon strength, and range of motion (flexibility) is linked to this specialized training. Different exercise modalities such as increasing repetitions, or lessening rest time may produce cardiovascular conditioning, which generally focuses on the heart's health. 



    It's ideal to vary (or change) your routine every 6-8 weeks to maintain improvement in your key areas of concern. Here's a few examples of varying your rountine:


* adding an additional set

* increasing repetitions or rep range

* intensity (adding a couple pounds of resistance)

* less rest between sets


Styles of resistance training


These are examples of resistance training that you'll find useful to add to your routine:


* Free Weights - Dumbbells, barbells, etc

* Body Weight - exercises that uses the body weight has proven to yield great results. Examples include: push ups, body weight squats, Dips, lunges, 

* Resistance Bands: these tools are portable and has been proven to give you great workouts when done correctly and at a medium tempo.

* Weight machines - pieces of equipment that adjusts at the seats or other attachments. You can change the resistance as you please. **NOTE** adjust resistance to a comfortable rep range higher than 10. 

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