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January 31, 2017

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Sitting & Obesity: The Silent Killer

September 16, 2017


    Countless studies are linking a sedentary lifestyle with obesity, and other medical conditions associated with it. Any basic moving function, even a periodic "stand up & stretch" suggestion is recommended, in addition to a minimum of 5,000 steps daily. 



    ABC News has recently reported a study conducted that a sedentary person, who sits down consistently throughout the work day, is likely to experience a 50% increase of body fat cells in their body. Likely as a result of increased caloric intake, high stress levels, and minimal movement that may result in weight gain, diebetes, high blood pressure, etc. 



   Many people in the workplace (who are likely to be seated 6+ hours daily), intend to take part in "New Year Resolutions" as a means of losing weight and keeping it off. This type of thought process is doomed to failure. The reason: success rate for the long term is very low. A vacation, a sick day, a cheat "day", can set a person back. 


    So what can be done to lower the risk? Just like all conditions associated with weight gain, one must focus on a consistent health & wellness programs that is based on a combination of proper nutrition, a strength & cardiovascular conditioning regimen, and period movement in the workplace that takes place at the minimum once an hour. 


   Periodic standing & breaks that involve a walk outside or in the office is suggested to build up meeting the "5,000 per day" step requirement. On average, one calories is burned after 20 steps, so this equals to 250 calories burned alone by implementing this to your routine. 

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