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January 31, 2017

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What Re Racking Your Weights Say About You

August 2, 2017



   We've all been around it; a gym floor that is flooded with weights that gym members leave after a lift or performing an exercise. Very annoying, right? especially that 150 lb dumbbell that someone placed on top of a bench that you're looking to use! Even with our own eyes we've seen that guy walk away after doing a leg press that is loaded with 10 plates on each end, never to return to place the weights back.




Proper gym etiquette is important, especially when it comes to placing your weights and dumbbells back where they belong. Truth be told, ignoring this basic gym rule will say A LOT and place you in a particular category among the biggest douche bags in the world of fitness.


     When completing an exercise with a desired amount of weight, you have the decision to either place the weights back, or leave it. Of course the logical thing to do is re rack (or place back) the weight you've used. If you're this type of person, you're organized, well rounded person, and put others before yourself. You understand that the person next to you who would like to use the same weights share the same interest (although goals may be different) in developing a healthy, better you. YOU WILL succeed in life. 



   On the other hand (and it's very unfortunate to categorize), those who drop their weights and/or leave them are categorized as; meat heads, jerks, douche bags, self centered, non caring individuals. They're likely to not care about anyone else in the environment other than themselves. They tend to have a "mean face" the entire time at the gym, as soon as they walk in the door. They believe that whomever works at that gym will put the weights away for them. In simpler terms; they have a "Kanye (West) attitude".


    They don't care about the signage around the fitness facility that says "Please re rack weights after use", and have an attitude with someone who would like to work in with them. If you're this type of person, I highly suggest you change your way of thinking, or you'll be the laughing stock among other gym goers and employees. Trust me, I see it all the time. 



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