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July 11, 2017



     Your success is dependent on your consistency, especially when it pertains to your Health & wellness. Structuring a fitness plan which evenly prioritizes strength training, cardiovascular conditioning, flexibility & nutrition is essential for meeting and maintaining an appropriate body weight and to regulate it to keep it from gaining unnecessary amount of body weight & tissue. The unfortunate reality is (at least in the states) a small percentage of us takes our well being more seriously than others. 


    60%+ Americans are currently overweight, and there's no end in sight with its continued increase. Many can argue with the countless reasons why a majority of us are overweight or obese, but one thing for sure; many of us are accepting our bodies for it's current state & not prioritizing reversing this particular decease, and yes that's exactly what it is, a desease. Like many sickness and illness that we deal with, a person who is overweight or obese can work to reverse its symptoms & create a better quality of life for oneself. 


    Creating a health and wellness program and sticking to it on a week-by-week basis is imperative to meeting successful weight loss goals. Distractions and it's cause and effect to overweight individuals are higher than others, and it's in that point in time one must make the decision to either push forward regardless of distractions, or fall back to square one, with a high chance of never getting back on track, thus quit altogether. 


   Motivation and support from friends, colleagues, physician, fitness professionals, etc is the added icing on the cake to one's longevity in their battle again weight loss. Scheduling exercise routines and eating habits are also essential, and most importantly, sticking to it. Taking a week or more off from activity is increasing the chance of abandonment of your routine altogether.


Let's get to work!

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