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Motivation 101

June 30, 2017




We all have certain elements or reasons to strive for certain goals in life. From education, to health & wellness, or perhaps finding yourself. Drive is a result of the desire or need to obtain a particular goal. To reach a particular goal, one must take necessary steps or processes to achieve them. Your results is depended on your consistency and motivation.


    To summarize the definition, motivation can be explained as "The reason or reasons one has for acting in a particular way". This can explained by ones drive or the amount of effort one is taking to stay on track with their end goal in mind. Health & Wellness and motivation goes hand in hand. 


    Going into 9 years in the fitness industry, I'm no stranger to realizing the motivation or consistency I've seen in my clients and colleagues. Our job as fitness professionals to provide the blueprint or means to help the client with their personal health and wellness goals. In the same conversation, it's important for the client to "meet us halfway" and hold their end of the program that is designed for them (whether it's cardio, nutrition, rest, and other advice that they should follow outside of the gym). These elements are essential in obtaining the goal(s) they've set for themselves. The unfortunate reality is this; a break in the steps or backtracking from exercise will have big consequences. 


    A break in nutrition (i.e. having a "cheat day", or eliminating the nutrition altogether) will cause setbacks and continued weight gain. A break in exercise (whether it's missing a week of activity, or taking consistent breaks) will cause additional setbacks and one having to work hard to "get back to the game". A break in both of these elements will unfortunately place one back at square one, which many of those looking to eliminate weight or body-fat don't want. 


  I'm a step by step person. It all begins with "getting your butt to the gym", or getting started on becoming active. studies have told us that the average person loses 10% muscle tissue after the age of 30. More studies are being conducted on it's connecting to weight gain, but as many of you seen in our atmosphere the answers are already there. These research- based information shouldn't be taken lightly. 65%+ Americans are overweight, and that is FACT. The best way to approach this is getting back to the routine of things and "eat right". Sure many will say "easier said than done", but investing in your wellness is the BEST investment one can make. Sustaining a good quality of life and longevity is the goal, and that should be motivating enough.




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