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January 31, 2017

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6 Tips When Dieting on a Budget

June 20, 2017




        When someone says "eating good is too expensive", I look at it as an excuse. An excuse to either not engage in a healthy lifestyle plan, or unfortunately they don't have the drive to get on a plan on a more consistent basis. here's some tips to jump start yourself on a good nutrition plan without breaking the bank:


1. BUY LOCALLY: instead of purchasing food from more corporate brands, look into buying from locally owned grocery stores. Their pricing is much more competitive than their competition & in many cases they can match up prices if a competitor is selling particular items at a better price.


2. BUY FROZEN FOODS & STORE: Certain meats and even frozen vegetables can make a few dollars difference if you're looking for value that is temporary. Buy and immediately freeze the items when you get home. Make sure to plan to thaw out meats and vegetables in time prior to cooking.


3. SKIP CONVENIENCE FOODS: in other words; DON'T EAT OUT! Nine times out of 10, you're spending a significant amount of dollars eating out than taking the time to prepare more nutrient-dense measl at home. The average amount one spends for two individuals eating out is approximately $40, and possibly more if you're including alcohol and fountain drinks. You can spend the same amount in groceries and quadruple the amount of meals, per person, in a few day's spread. 


4. EAT LESS MEAT, MORE PLANT-BASED FOODS: Stretch your dollar by eating leafy, green vegetables that you've just bought at your local grocery store. Additionally, you can mix and match incomplete proteins to make complete proteins (i.e. rice and beans, quinoa, hummus and pita, peanut butter sandwich, etc.).


5. PROTEIN SHAKE IN THE MORNING: 8oz, one full rounded scoop of desired flavored protein may be good enough to hold you off for a good couple hours. 


6. HIGH FIBER FOODS IN A SITTING: As mentioned earlier, greens are great and inexpensive food item if you do your research. load your plate with salads, broccoli and cauliflower, asparagus, etc. Doing so will keep you satisfied for hours. 

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