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January 31, 2017

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How To Avoid Summer Setbacks

June 14, 2017



Another year, another summer is upon us. Like other fitness professionals at this time of year, we notice the level of commitment amongst our clients and peers dwindle a bit due to vacations, quarterly work demands, "sick days", etc. To summarize it all: the likelihood of not prioritizing your health & wellness goals increases, although this is not always the case for everyone. Take these steps to avoid another "Summer Setback" this year: 


1.) WORKOUT AROUND YOUR SCHEDULE: if you workout at 8:00am in your normal routine, & you have an early office day, schedule your workout for later in the day or reachedule that run for the next day. Although it might throw you off a bit, you'll stay on track for keeping your commitment to losing weight high, and not necessarily "pushing it to the back of the list". 


2. CONCIOUS EATING: eating out, it happens. Whether it's a work related function, or sometimes we simply "get lazy" to meal prep or not enough motivation to eat well when we're around our friends and family. The important point to take here is to be aware of items on the menu that may be detrimental for someone losing weight or building quality muscle. Condiments, cheeses, breads, and higher portioned meals are just a few of several factors that can "kill the diet". We're beginning to see the fast food industry promoting better options when the consumer inquires about their menus, so the likelihood of seeing grilled chicken salad or other health concious meals on the menu is high. Consider these options when eating out, and instead of soda drink plenty of water. You'll be amazed how you can still hit your percentages of quality protein, carbs, & fats when you do so.


3. Workout while on vacation: yes I said it. Make sure you stay active when you're out of town or while on vacation. This can be accomplished in many ways: a morning jog, a volleyball game, powerwalking on a treadmill at the hotel, etc. although not as structured as your normal exercise routine, it's all about moving around and keeping a relatively higher exercise heart rate for a small period of time. If you're going for more than 3 days without doing some form of activity, there's a good chance you're packing on some unwanted weight, and you'll be "back to the drawing board" once you get back to your normal exercise routine. 


4. Stay in the game: it all boils down to 2 words; stay focused. For many of us, we have "excuses" to not workout before we hop out of bed in the morning. In many cases, stress may play a role. Partying the night before may play a role. Lack of interest may play a role, etc. But as I recently told a client of mine who continued to miss out on our sessions: "how bad do you want it"? If you have an excuse after that, then unfortunately not as bad as I'd want it for you. 


    This same client who missed out on our workouts has lost over 10 lbs in the last month, and we've been working around his crazy work schedule and the stresses of "life" he deals with. To summarize, while school is out and we're enjoying our vacations and other joys of life, keep a conscious mind on what's causing your exercise setbacks and work around it. You'll thank yourself in the long run. 




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