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January 31, 2017

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Why you're NOT losing weight

June 11, 2017



   In a climate where the obesity rate in the United States is the highest in modern times (68.8% at the time of this article, according to the National Institute of Health), and the accessibility to detrimental foods and ingredients are easy to obtain, it's important to stay on track with your health & wellness goals. 


1.) YOU'RE NOT EATING RIGHT: Based on information provided by my clientele & my personal experience, we like foods that are easy to access or, in many cases, doesn't require cooking or preparations on our part. As one can argue that there's ways to eat "clean" when out and about, the chances of eating well balanced meals while prioritizing weight loss while eating out is very slim. It's pretty simple; take a half hour or an hour out of your morning or evening to prepare meals for the upcoming day. Steaming vegetables are realitively fast (thaw out vegetables and meats the night before), and meats can be prepped early as well to cut down cooking time. 


2.) YOU'RE NOT EXERCISING ENOUGH: engaging in physical activity once or twice a week is unfortunately not enough if your plan is weight loss. It's important to get a mixture of the major activities (cardio, strength training, flexibility) minimum of three times per week to see a difference for the long haul. In addition, making sure you're daily activities of living (mowing the lawn, walking your pet, morning jog, walk around the office throughout the day) is highly recommended, especially for workers who sit up to 8 hours a day, without much movement. 


3. NOT ENOUGH REST/SLEEP: Rest is essential to replenishing your energy stores and working muscles from the previous day. The brain needs rest as well. The body is repairing and digesting (providing essential nutrients to the body) during this time period. Without it or limiting rest times can set you back several steps. For the most part, 6-8 hours of sleep is needed per day to garaunttee optimal health and replenishment. Schedule your sleeping times and stick to it. 


4. A COMBINATION OF THE 3:  the most important rule here is making sure you're implementing all three steps. Create a foundation that includes all three pointers and stick to it. It takes about a month before a person makes their health a habit, or in many cases part of their lifestyle. Unfortunately, more than half will fail within 15 days of a wellness program due to the inability to stay on track. Sometimes you have to ask yourself "How bad do I want this", and your attitude and work towards your goals will answer this question. 


-Ramel Feliz 

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