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**NOTE: as with any exercise program,  consult with your primary physician before clearance to engage in activity**


**NOTE 2: this workout is a general exercise prgram based on a sedentary individual. Fitness levels will vary. For a more customizable training program, consult with your local fitness professional (me, lol) for a more individualized exercise regimen**


Equipment needed:

* exercise bench

* 5 and/or 10 lbs pair of dumbells

* timer watch

* exercise ball (if available) 


Warm Up:


Begin with a 30 sec jumping jacks warm up set, followed by a brief stretch period 


1. (Cycle One) Push Up on knee or regular: 3 x(sets of) 15-20(reps)

**superset with**

Ball crunches w/ bar OR on floor/Mat if not available. 3 x 20-30 reps 

(Repeat these series of exercises 3 times, with very limited rest in between)


2. Bench Dips

    3 x 15-20 reps 

**superset with**

Regular or side planks. Hold for a full minute (times) or 30 secs on each side


3. Individual lunges (with or without weights 

    3 x 20 steps (each leg)

**superset with**

Dumbbell Curls

    3 x 20 reps 


4. Body weight squats

    3 x 20 reps

**superset with **

Lying Leg Raises

    3 x 20 reps

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