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January 31, 2017

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Balancing Life with Exercise

May 9, 2017


We all have priorities that change from time to time. Whether it's school, work, family and normal life's stresses to name a few. it's my duty as a fitness professional to educate and inform you of the various stress relievers, primarily exercise, that will gear you to the right direction that defines the term "Health & Wellness".  


    It is recommended by the American Heart Association that one must engage in ANY form of exercise 30 mins a day, twice a week for healthy heart function during a person's lifetime. This is a guileline that should not be ignored. 


   Everyone has their own "flavor" when it pertains to their stress relievers. In my opinion, any form of activity that elevates the heart rate to promote sweat and involving more than one muscle group or activity at a given time is a stress reliever. To name a few activities:


1. Basketball

2. Running/jogging 

3. Swimming 

4. Weight lifting

5. Playing with your child on the playground 


Of course there's countless other activities out there, so the ones listed are just a few. Giving the mind a break from stresses and engage in activity has been researched and proven to be successful. According to an article by the Anxiety & Depresssion Association of America, 14 % of people take use of regular exercise to cope with stress, 18% speak with friends or family about their stresses, 17% sleep, watching TV or movies is at 14%, and eating is at 14% as well.


While all of these are well known activities to engage when stressed, exercise may be the most recommended by health care practitioners & professionals. Among the 14% of people who exercise, 29% walk, 20% run, and 11% do yoga as their preferred strategies to cope with stress. 


Studies have shown that regular participation in aerobic exercise decreases overall levels of tension, elevates and stabilizes ones moods, improve sleep & improve self esteem. Take note. 

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