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January 31, 2017

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Alcohol and Weightloss

April 18, 2017



    I hate to be the bearer of bad news drinkers......alcohol of ANY kind may sabotage your weight loss plans. It's considered "public enemy #1", but not all is lost. There are ways to balance what you love while maintaining an active lifestyle with the end goal of losing those unwanted pounds. 


   It's all about being conscious of the decisions you make when you're out and about. Just as you're aware of the right foods to consume daily, it is just as important to educate yourself on the calories that are not as good. And let's face it - alcohol is the villain of the story. If you're serious about losing weight, it is best to put the alcohol away until you're in a maintenance phase of your training. People don't want to face this reality, but it's true when it's said "one drink is detrimental". 


   IF you're in dyer need of a drink after a long and stressful day, choose wine, since studies have shown it may protect the heart and have antioxidants. But only keep at one glass, once in a while. Or opt for a drink that is "clear alcohol" as in vodka, or tequila. But, again, only one drink or shot. Any more than just described, there's a likely chance you've taken a few steps back in your program. 


   Consuming moderate or high amounts of alcohol in any given time, while losing weight OR gaining muscle, can have reverse effects. Estrogen will be more present in the bloodstream, a likely chance of storing fat by the end of the day, and will decrease muscular growth. You notice the "hunger feeling" every time you have alcohol? That is your body eating up all the glycogen (energy) stores while drinking, that will increase your appetite and decrease your inhabitions, so you are more than likely going to grab that pizza or French fries before making a conscious decision. This doesn't take into account how many drinks or shots you take when out and about. 


    Here's some examples of calories from alcohol:


Beer - 150-250 calories

Champagne - 85 calories

Run & Coke - 95 calories 

Margarita - 250-300 calories

Daiquiri- 280 calories

Vodka and club soda - 65 calories 

Bloody Mary - 150 calories 

Tequila - 64-69 calories 


Have more than one drink/shot of these every time you go out? Do the numbers they don't lie.  Balance your goals and having a drink from time to time. Schedule it and stick to the plan, it's where you'll be the most successful. 


- R.Feliz 

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