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January 31, 2017

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Sleeping & Growing: why is rest important?

April 12, 2017



     Resting is KEY. It is essential to not just your health & wellness goals, but in many cases to balance life & its stresses. To limit or neglect sleep will cause many repercussions, and in fitness may put a halt or reverse your progress overall. 


   One may have the best diet or best workout routine, but without the proper rest the body WILL NOT replenish & recover the previous day's working muscles and glycogen (energy) stores. Sure, growth begins with what you consume almost immediately following the workout session. But your energy and focus for the next time's workout may compromised due to lack of sleep.


    It is ideal for the human body to prioritize 6-8 hours of rest per day in order to take on life's basic daily routines and challenges. As with balancing work and family, exercising demands a lot of energy, organization & focus. 


    The body's cravings for food, and sweets in general, has been associated with lack of sleep. According to studies conducted by the CDC (center of disease control), 35% of people in the United States are sleep deprived. And when considering the continued climb of obesity in America (at the time of this article, 68.3% according to the National Institute of health) these numbers and their correlations should not be ignored. 


    Nutrition and rest are the building blocks (in conjunction with exercise) to guarantee your goals. Focus on scheduling your rest times throughout the week and make sure you stick to it. 

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