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January 31, 2017

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Positive Outlook: the best tool of all

April 9, 2017



      The most important muscle in the human body is the mind. If given the opportunity, it can grow each day of one's life. New experiences, new feelings & (believe it or not) new stresses is needed for its continued development. New obstacles to overcome and learn from, is essential to prosper in life. 


    Attitude is everything, with countless of studies providing the evidence that a positive range of thoughts will yield positive results, which in turn promote a healthy brain. a combination of exercise, proper nutrition uptake, rest, and cognitive stimulus will keep the brain "sharp" which in turn will be beneficial to the body and its needs. 


  Here are a few ways to improve brain health & function:


1.) exercise your brain: reading, puzzle solving, and communication. 


2.) socializing: communicating with others and learning new things daily is ideal.


3.) cardiovascular conditioning: cardio will maximize oxygen consumption from the lungs and the brains, keeping cells strong and active. 


4.) diet: keep a well balanced diet with complex carbohydrates and lean proteins (ex beans, fish, Whey Protein, etc). 





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