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January 31, 2017

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5 reasons why you SHOULD work out on a Monday

April 3, 2017



    Ahhhhh Mondays. Favorite day of the week, no? For many, it's a highly stressful day due to the demands from work & family life. Exercise is naturally a stress reliever. Because of this and other reasons, the best day to jump start your workout week would be the first day of the workweek, Monday. 


1. Routine won't break: it is highly likely, if you schedule your workout on Monday, you'll stick to the regimen due to the motivation of "keeping it going" scheduling workouts and staying on track the majority of the week.


2. Stress Reliever: Since Monday is known for being a high stressful day, combating this with a high intensity boot camp class or a run in the evening is ideal. It'll release endorphins that'll keep your mental sharp focused and motivate to keep engaging the healthy life style for the long run. 


3. You'll sleep better: engaging in activity either earlier or later in the workday will result in more energetic expenditure; resulting in more rest time and deep sleep during the night time hours. 


4. Eliminate Anxiety: studies have shown that an increase in activity, especially earlier in the week. May eliminate anxieties one may have (social, for example) and can boost confidence and mental drive. 


5. Nutrition Control: if you're in a program that is associated with healthy eating, the likelihood you'll stick to the program will be high if you're engaged in physical activity. 



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